Matchbox Lesney Box Types

The various styles of Matchbox Lesney box types are commonly referenced by collectors as A through F for the regular wheels models and then as either G onwards, or starting again from A, for the Superfast issues from around 1968 and into the 1990’s.

For our purpose we use a continuous list from A through O, to identify the major changes in the box styles.

These codes apply in a similar method to all the Matchbox models series including the small 1:64 scale 1 to 75 series, the Accessory packs, Major series and King Size models as well as Models of YesterYear.

These types are based on the main face of the box with the same image on both sides of the box.

Regular Wheels boxes:

A style: Moko Lesney with Moko in script format, black and red line drawing on yellow box panel.

B style: Moko Lesney with Moko in block text, black and red line drawing on yellow box panel.

C style: A Lesney Product, black and red line drawing on yellow box panel.

D style: Matchbox Series in arch above colour picture of the model.

E style: Matchbox in arch with the word series underneath, above a colour picture of the model.

F style: Matchbox in straight line with model number to the right side


F-SF1 style: These are the first indication of the change from regular wheels to Superfast with the word Superfast in text on the regular wheels F style box.

F-SF2 style: Still sticking with the F style format, the images of the models are now with the Superfast wheels and stylised to show movement.

G style: The first box that features a new Matchbox logo with the word Superfast included in a straight line across the top of the box. Still similar to the F style with the model number white on blue square upper right corner.

H style: Another rework of the logo and now the word Matchbox has a mag wheel at the end and the word Superfast in black underneath. The model number now appears lower left section of the box with the model name.

I style: The mag wheel is removed from the logo and the word Matchbox stands alone. Superfast is not mentioned.

J style: The branding reverts to include the word Superfast again with a new oval shaped logo containing the word Matchbox in the upper left corner. The model number and name are in larger print on the front. The box sides feature the Matchbox oval logo and the number 75 in large characters.

K style:  Similar to the J style, the word Superfast disappears from the box front again, and the sides of the box now feature another perspective image of the model. This is the last box to feature individual images of the actual model.

L style: This style box features a large semi trailer on one side and a sedan on another. The Matchbox logo in the oval changes to have the word Matchbox in italics. The box is generic for all models with the end flap having the number and description printed in black.

M style: Even more generic with just a yellow box overprinted with red stripes and the Matchbox logo centered on the face.

N style: Same, same, but different, the stripes and the word Matchbox are now black rather than red.

O style: a more modern stylised racing sedan image is featured on what is still a generic box for all models. Red, yellow and black are the consistent theme.

There are some other variants that we do not include. The above reference takes us to about 1990 and does not include the various blister pack cards that appeared from time to time. For the other Matchbox Lesney box types please see the pages for Models of YesterYear and other models.