Matchbox Superfast Rolamatics

The Matchbox boxes evolved over many years and with the Superfast range those design changes occured quite rapidly.

The Matchbox Superfast Rolamatics range were introduced with the I style boxes in the early 1970’s.

Rola-matics, commonly discussed without the ‘-‘ hyphen in the name, were a small group of Matchbox 1 to 75 series models that had an action mechanical action built in. Examples include:

10 Piston Popper: A muscle car model with a clear plastic engine block and red pistons that moved with the model motion.

28 Stoat: An army defence vehicle with an observer who is meant to rotate with the model motion. (mine is mint condition but does not move…) 

35 Fandango: A custom street racing car with a huge turbo fan in the rear that spins with vehicle motion.

35 Beach Hopper: A dune buggy vehicle with a driver who bounces up adn down with the model motion.

67 Hot Rocker: Ford Capri casting with a V8 motor that rocked up-and-down when the model moved forward or back.

The grouping of Matchbox models in this era included extra logos on the boxes for Rola-matics and the Choppers motor-cycle issues.